Health & Happiness Are Yours

Have the courage to embrace true freedom in your life!

True health and happiness are attainable, but it is a choice that you make every day of your life. It is not just the magical moments like falling in love, having a family, or landing a dream job. True happiness and health are attained through strategic planning for the life you want, cultivating habits that will improve your mind, body, and spirit, and embracing the relationships that nurture you.

You are powerful, yet you give your power away.

You are beautiful, yet you dim your glory.

You are resourceful, yet you feel helpless.

You are amazing, and you are now ready to reclaim your spark.

Honor yourself through the following habits:

  • A healthy diet that is appropriate for your body, lifestyle & health. 
  • Exercise & regular massage to ensure your body is active, limber, and pain-free. 
  • Financial well-being through planning for your future, downsizing (if appropriate), investing, and entrepreneurship. 
  • Strong & fulfilling relationships that nurture you and your soul.
  • Continued education for a strong, healthy, and clear mind.  
  • Spirituality: You must remember that you are never separated from God because we are all connected. Honor yourself through meditation, Reiki, and rediscovering your connection to the Divine within us all.
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Latest Blog Updates

Peace Corps Application
Peace Corps Application
November 11, 2018

I can only imagine how this will further shape me. I am reminded of the quote: One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. I am curious to see just how far my mind can grow.

Conquering Bad Habits
Conquering Bad Habits
November 7, 2018

It is so hard to conquer bad habits. The reason for this is that you have your routine, and in order to change this, you must engage your mind and make strategic decisions. That is not to say it is impossible – it isn’t – but it does take effort.

Seeds of Potential
Seeds of Potential
November 4, 2018

The seeds just represent life, and it seems so utterly wasteful to toss them out.

The problem, though, is unless you live in an area where the plant will thrive, it sits as a simple lump, unused and discarded. It is seething with the potential to blossom into an amazing tree that could feed thousands, yet they sit on my sink glistening in the morning sun. 

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