Health & Happiness Are Yours

Have the courage to embrace true freedom in your life!

True health and happiness are attainable, but it is a choice that you make every day of your life. It is not just the magical moments like falling in love, having a family, or landing a dream job. True happiness and health are attained through strategic planning for the life you want, cultivating habits that will improve your mind, body, and spirit, and embracing the relationships that nurture you.

You are powerful, yet you give your power away.

You are beautiful, yet you dim your glory.

You are resourceful, yet you feel helpless.

You are amazing, and you are now ready to reclaim your spark.

Honor yourself through the following habits:

  • A healthy diet that is appropriate for your body, lifestyle & health. 
  • Exercise & regular massage to ensure your body is active, limber, and pain-free. 
  • Financial well-being through planning for your future, downsizing (if appropriate), investing, and entrepreneurship. 
  • Strong & fulfilling relationships that nurture you and your soul.
  • Continued education for a strong, healthy, and clear mind.  
  • Spirituality: You must remember that you are never separated from God because we are all connected. Honor yourself through meditation, Reiki, and rediscovering your connection to the Divine within us all.
30 Day Keto Challenge


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Embracing Minimalism
Embracing Minimalism
October 10, 2018
I overheard my girlfriend referring to me as a minimalist last night, and for some reason, that struck me as funny. I suppose it is because I have never really consciously embraced that. Yet...
Welcome St Thomas Style
Welcome St Thomas Style
October 2, 2018

St Thomas is wild, chaotic, and wonderful! From the breathtakingly amazing views to the clear blue water to the haphazard homes plucked on the mountainside in complete ignorance of the “laws” of gravity, this place is a study in contradiction.

19 Months and A New Life
19 Months and A New Life
September 26, 2018

I was bored and restless, fighting with my partner constantly, miserably overweight, and drinking more nights that I wasn’t. I needed a radical shake-up or I was going to drown!

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