First Night in the RV

I spent my first night in the RV last night.

Since I was off work on Wednesday, I moved most of my personal things onto the RV.

My clothes, books, and personal treasures are on here. I am moving slowly, only taking what is necessary, and trying to work it in.

Obviously, there is little space for superfluous stuff, so I need to be mindful of clutter.

This video clip is what I have done with my closet in the RV. I have managed to get my clothes, purses, scarves, and even some other personal effects into a limited space. I also was able to utilize my drawers for maximum efficiency (for now).

My partner and I have decided to essentially live apart. In a way, this is actually very nice. I have been wanting my space for some time, and perhaps I unconsciously set this in motion.

Since our “separation,” I met the ladies at work for some cocktails, and have been enjoying my newfound freedom. He and I still see each other in the evenings. Last night, we cooked burgers on the grill, and we shared coffee this morning. Neither of us seems to know exactly where this is heading. I don’t suppose we really need to define it. He isn’t forcing me to leave, and frankly, the economics of it are such that it makes sense to hang out as long as possible.

I love him, very much. We are strong-willed people, and it makes for challenging interpersonal relationships when both people want to lead. Perhaps living separately is what we need.

Update: 5/11/17 – We are still together. I went ahead and posted because I feel as though not posting has stifled my creative expression. I have been unable to write because I have not updated. I am rectifying that now.


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