Keto and My Healthy Living

This picture is from April 4, 2017.
This picture is from May 23rd, 2017.

It has been some time since I have sat down to write on my blog. If you’ve been following me, you are aware that my blog has been overtaken by all things Keto. It is not that I have nothing to say, but rather, I have so much to say and so little time to sit and ponder my reflections.

It is true, as my girlfriends will attest, I have been “low carb” for years. This has resulted in my crazy habits like ordering mozzarella cheese sticks, then promptly peeling the breading off. I have had great success over the years with the #AtkinsDiet, then the #SouthBeachDiet, so I have continued to limit my carb intake. The problem has been that over the years, I just could not give up the wine and cocktails. That all changed 43 days ago.

I wish I had a great conversion story to share, but the truth of the matter is, I realized that I was heavier than I had ever been, and I frequently felt terrible in the mornings. I had restless sleep, and I found that I was drinking instead of dealing with problems. When I drink, I also crave sugar, so the cycle continued.

I have lost 21 lbs over the past 43 days. I feel good, and I am well-rested. I drink water and herbal tea mostly, and I eat a high-fat and protein diet, with my only carbs coming from vegetables. I have not followed a particular meal plan, because frankly, I’m not that damned disciplined.

My blog has morphed into a Keto homage, primarily because friends and family keep asking me what I’m doing. I have found a few Facebook groups that share tips and recipes. As I research for my own benefit, I have begun posting about it.

I urge you to as me questions about the Keto Diet. I want to sing my praises and convert everyone, but I don’t want to be obnoxious. If you’re curious, though, please shoot me a message. As I continue on my weight-loss journey, I anticipate getting a bit more organized, and I will certainly share updates as I have them.


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