Ketosis Diet: Lose 25lbs in a Month

Keto Diet and Your Mindset - One Decision Away From a New LifeI am so incredibly excited to announce my new eBook: Ketosis Diet: Lose 25lbs in a Month, available for purchase at!

This is a story of my journey with the Keto Diet, and the things to consider before embarking. I have tips and suggestions, and even a surprise recipe!

I pray that you find this short read a valuable resource as you are beginning your weight loss journey with the Keto Diet!

In this book, you’ll discover the following:

Table of Contents

Chapter One Ketosis Diet


What is the Keto Diet?

Definition of Ketosis

Evolution of Ketosis Diet

The Atkins Diet

The South Beach Diet

The Paleo Diet

Sugar is the Devil

Sugar is the Devil
Finally, it seems as though society, and even the healthcare industry, has finally embraced the wisdom of the low carb diet. As a licensed massage therapist, I attend continuing education for my re-certification, and I have had a number of classes on this topic. The newest understanding is that sugar is the great poison that causes advanced aging, diabetes, cognitive issues, obesity, and inflammation. Sugar literally FEEDS your pain.

Sadly, sugar is EVERYWHERE! Like the Christian concept of the Devil, it comes in many forms and has many names like corn sweetener, corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, fruit juice concentrates, glucose, high-fructose corn syrup, invert sugar, lactose, maltose, malt syrup, raw sugar, sucrose, sugar syrup, cane crystals, cane sugar, crystalline fructose, evaporated cane juice, corn syrup solids, malt syrup, just to name a few. Trust me, if you pick up literally any box of food in the grocery store, you will see sugar.

  • Excerpt from Ketosis Diet: Lose Up To 25 Pounds in a Month

So, what is a poor consumer to do?

Chapter Two: I’m Ready to Begin

Mental Preparation

Do you have the family support?

Do you have control over the shopping decisions?

Are you a vegetarian?

Are you ready for the consequence of weight loss?

Are you prepared to stay strong in the face of well-meaning opposition?

Do you understand what will happen to your body over the next few weeks?

Are you fully prepared to give up sugar and alcohol for the duration of this diet?

Still with me?

Chapter Three: What Do I Eat?

Keto Diet is all about the macros

Before we go any further, if you have a smartphone, download the MyFitnessPal app. If you do not have a smartphone, they have a website. I’m sure there are alternate sites and apps, but this seems to be the most abundantly used app in many keto communities.

You will want to get in the habit of logging everything that you eat, each and every day. The point of this is not to count calories, but to understand the overall composition of what you are eating. You will want to set your macros in the nutrition settings as follows:

  • 5% Carbohydrates (primarily from vegetables, nuts and seeds)
  • 25% Protein (from meats and dairy)
  • 70% Fats (things like butter, ghee, coconut oils, etc)

Just let this sink in for a few moments.

Please, do not run away screaming.

I will explain what this looks like for a meal.

Just this morning, before I got started writing I made breakfast. My breakfast consisted of:

  • coffee with Stevia (more on this later)
  • fresh mozzarella cheese
  • 3 slices of bacon
  • 2 eggs scrambled in the grease left from my bacon

My macros for that meal were 3% Carbs, 30% Protein, and 67% Fats.

If I wanted to adjust those macros, I could throw in some ghee (clarified butter) and that would increase my fats. I could add some broccoli or asparagus to my eggs, and that would increase my carbs. Following this diet is very easy since you just make your meals with a few tweaks as necessary. You are basically just concerned about the overall composition of what you are eating.

  • Excerpt from Ketosis Diet: Lose Up To 25 Pounds in a Month

So, What Do I Buy?

Sample Meal Plans

Chapter Four – Keto Flu

I Thought I Was Supposed To Feel Great!

Quick Tips for Keto Flu

That Wasn’t So Bad, Right?

Chapter Five – Achieving Ketosis

When Will I Know I’m in Ketosis?

Body Observations

Daily Living in Ketosis

Chapter Six – Potential Dangers


The Dreaded Plateau


Chapter Seven – In Summary

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